Thursday, September 6, 2012


The following is a compilation of Micropoetry I've composed during my local train commutes, at office for Twitter. I'm pretty bad at this but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and hope to improve.

The sea sucked in
her limp body 
With an empty sky
that lone witness.


Under the cold
grey skies
her body drifts away.


Warm raindrops
Falling harshly
a cold, still body


On the carpet
green moss
unsettling dew drops


She lives
his touch
that lingers
on her skin


Deep sighs and dreamy eyes


That deafening silence
a requiem
for the absent
breath held


His stoic calm,
Her varying moods/
The sky
and the sea.


Troubled waters
That resolute ship
the flag of victory.


All the wonder suffused in those widened dewy eyes.


Collecting rain drops/
for the/
Kaleidoscopic view/
in them


The rainclouds and her distress-clouded brows-

The thunder stifled the soulless silence - 

Dark clouds looming the sky and her reasoning-

A torrential downpour of emotions

And a flash of lightning -- natural self-destruct.


The sky
burns ruby
the color
of her
flushed cheeks.


Ships being tossed
by the bullying waves
The mocking, still
mischeif maker


1 comment:

AdityaJavvadi said...

Beautiful, I loved the phrase of the empty sky being the lone witness,